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AKPINDO Educates Students to Be Graduates Ready to Work and Compete in the Tourism Industry, Creating Innovative and Creative Entrepreneurs.


English For Hospitality Industries is very helpful to prepare students and hoteliers who have a high-level competency supported with good communication skill in English

Learning outcome

After finishing this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Able to have communication skills in English (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) relating to hospitality industries.
  • Demonstrate how to handle room reservations, check-in, check out, entering the guest's room for making up, and complain.

Who needs to take this course?​

This course is also important for

  • Hotels’ Front Office Staffs
  • Students of Tourism Schools

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Course Curriculum

Session 1 . Introduction to English for Hospitality Industries
Short Description About the Course 00:00:00
Advantage of joining the Course 00:00:00
Session 2 English Alphabet & Spelling Systems
Pronouncing the English Alphabets 00:00:00
British and American System 00:00:00
Session 3. Dealing With Room Reservation
Hotel Reservation Form 00:00:00
English Special Expressions n Handling Room Reservation 00:00:00
Steps Of Handling Room Reservation 00:00:00
Session 4. Learning With ItsDaring
Session 5. Akpindo Digital Class
Session 6. Handling Reservation With Special Cases
Fully Booked 00:00:00
Reception declines a booking and suggest putting the caller on the waiting list 00:00:00
Session 7. Handling Check-in With Reservation
Steps of Handling Check-in With Reservation 00:00:00
Special English Expressions for Handling Check-in With Reservation 00:00:00
Dialogue 00:00:00
Session 8. Handling Check-in Without Reservation (Walk-in Guest)
Steps of Handling Check-in without Reservation 00:00:00
Special English Expressions of Handling Check-in Without Reservations (WIG) 00:00:00
Making Dialogue 00:00:00
Session 9. Handling Complaints
Types of Complaint 00:00:00
English Special Expressions of Handling Complaint 00:00:00
Dialogue 00:00:00
Session 10. Handling Check-Out
Steps of Handling Check-out 00:00:00
English Special Expressions of Handling Check-out 00:00:00
Dialogue 00:00:00
Session 11. Housekeeping Services
Entering the Guest’s Room for Making up 00:00:00
Englsih Special Expressions of Entering the Guest’s Room 00:00:00
Dialogue 00:00:00
Session 12. Applying For A Job in A Hotel
Making Curriculum Vitae and Applying Letter 00:00:00
Session 13. Getting Ready for a Job Interview
Preparation of Job Interview 00:00:00
During Interview 00:00:00
Session 14. English Resources and References for Hospitality Industries

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